Introducing Maeve and Jackson

My first romance novel, ONE SAFFRON NIGHT, is slated to be published by Kensington February 2013. The book is about a food journalist and her handsome photographer as they travel the world researching aphrodisiacs for a cookbook project. As promised, here’s a little about the characters. Next time, more of the plot.

Maeve is a kickass career woman, not looking for a wedding ring, or even a boyfriend. Through a series of failed relationships, she realizes her career is something most men can’t handle. So she decides to keep men at arm’s length, except they when they are in her bed. Which is, as far as she can see, just about the only thing she needs a man for.

Jackson has just been name TimeWeek’s “Most Eligible Bachelor” with his award winning photography skills, soaring career, and great looks, he’s enjoying his new status by getting the chance to prove his sexual prowess to women who simply offer themselves to him. But Jackson is man who’s past catches up with him when he finally meets Maeve—a woman almost completely immune to his charms. Almost.

Enticing? More to come, friends.


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