Setting the Mood with Music

I once had a lover who had soft classical music already playing on the stereo when we walked into his apartment. Now there was a man who didn’t want to have stop and fiddle with the stereo. Smirk. He was also a man who knew a bit about setting the mood and tone of a delicious evening.

I think setting the tone in erotic romance writing can also be helped along by listening to music as we write. I know it helps me.

When I worked as a writer and editor in offices, music was a definite no-no, though I often felt the need to put headphones on and listen to a string quartet, or something, anything, to get the office blather out of my head. But it turned out to be a great exercise in concentration. I can write just about anywhere, if I have to, and focus.

When I started writing SAFFRON NIGHTS, I listened to music that put me in the mood as background music for my characters. I don’t listen to the music they would listen to. I listen to what puts me in the mood to connect with them. The kind of music that reminds me of the tone of my book. Does that make sense?

During the writing SAFFRON NIGHTS, I listened to a lot of Azam AliBliss, and Morcheeba, and  all of this music is sort of an international, sexy feel that I love. The book takes place all over the world—Mexico, Hawaii, Hong Kong, India, Italy, and Morocco.

My next book will be centered on chocolate and will be set somewhere in South America . Well, it’s all vague right now. But I look forward to dipping in to South American music to set the tone of my book.

Sometimes I can get distracted by the words in music. When that happens, I listen  to Vitamin String Quartet—a string group that plays a lot of popular music.  I gotta tell you, I love this group.

You don’t have to have a huge music collection to enjoy different kinds of music. I am an avid Pandora listener and Spotify user. Both services are free.

Now I can’t imagine writing without music playing in the background. It really helps to free my mind, along with give me more focus.

Do you find music helpful when you’re writing?


4 thoughts on “Setting the Mood with Music

  1. madeline iva says:

    I love Morcheeba! Have you listened to Lounge music? I’ll make you a cd, if you like. Very international, ecclectic, chill. Something faintly ironic about the tones, like a car commercial. (But that’s because car commercials pick up the music and use it.) It has a groove, but so mellow….

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