When you think about research, do you think about huge libraries filled with dusty books? I do—and I must confess, I love that image. But for my work in progress, that kind of research will only go so far.

Oh yes, for books on how cacao is grown and so on, the library is a great place. So is the Internet for that matter.

But my character Sasha’s back story is that she was a high-end call girl, of a sort, and even though she no longer works in the field and is struggling to start her life over again, it really is all that she knows.  What is it like to be paid thousands of dollars to sleep with someone? (Or whatever…) As a woman who has been married for twenty-plus years, and had never been paid for sex, it’s a difficult question to answer honestly.

Enter “Satisfaction” a Showtime series set in Australia at a high-class brothel. First of all, this is a delicious, well-written and produced series. There are no one-dimensional characters. I’ve been watching it and have gotten quite involved with the characters—even though I just wanted a glimpse of the kinkiness, which I’m happy to report IS there. But the characters lives are woven richly throughout the story—that happens with the best of erotic romance, as well.  Yes, there is sex, but there is story, too.

In any case, I started watching Satisfaction for the sex and it became more than that. As each character’s story unfolded, I better understood my character, Sasha. Her story is not theirs, specifically, but it does have similarities. It very much became a different kind of research for me. Here is a clip about it:


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