Bared to You

I hungered for this book.

I’ve been reading about it, hearing about it, and dreaming about it for weeks and finally got my hot little hands on it.

The book is BARED TO YOU by Sylvia Day. First, I’ve read one of her historicals and enjoyed it. Second, I’d been seeing that this new book of hers was a lot like FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. And I have to tell you that I’m just fascinated by the  phenomena of the book, so I absolutely had to check it out.

First, the similarities are interesting. Both lead male characters are wealthy, powerful, business tycoons. I also think the level of tension is the same —so much  mind-blowing, intense sex. And multiple orgasms everywhere.

And all of the characters are deeply flawed, with dark pasts that they are longing to free themselves from—at least subconsciously.

But as far as I’m concerned that is where the similarity stops.

The most glaring difference between the books is that in Day’s book, there’s no BDSM. The second most glaring difference—and the one that I like the best—is the female lead in BARED TO YOU is a strong career-woman with money of her own and sexual appetites of her own. That I like and can relate to.

My one big criticism of SHADES is the female lead is a virgin and yet had incredible orgasms and gives amazing oral sex to him the first time she’s ever done it. What? The story is so fascinating and the writing so light and sexy that I kept reading, but in the back of my mind, I’ve already opted out in a way. Is it possible for a virgin to have multiple orgasms and give a worldly man the best blow-job he’s ever had? Anything is possible, but that’s a real stretch for me.

I think Sylvia Day is also a much better writer—her prose is tighter, word choice more interesting, creative, and active. As an editor, I’d have cut SHADES way back. I’m not saying she’s a EL James is a bad writer. I’m just saying that Sylvia Day has more writing experience and it shows.

One person that I know that’s read the entire SHADES series said that EL James’ writing gets better with each book. Another person I know thinks she is a better writer than Sylvia Day—she couldn’t get into BARED TO YOU at all.

Which bring me to this: reading is so subjective. This is all just my opinion. Just a way to add to the conversation. Have you read these books? What do you think?

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