It’s Sunday, I know, but you can still check out enjoy these links.

Lady Smut

Happy Saturday, Sexy. This week, my first hawt romance launched: SAFFRON NIGHTS is out. YAY! I’ve got some delightful  little nuggets for you this week in the round-up.

First, for the writers, a series about romantic suspense from Tracy Cooper Poosey. You know how I feel about RS.

Here’s a little something from Writer’s in the Storm about getting a tighter point-of-view.

Janice Hardy on adding tension in your plot.

Ruth Harris on turning real life into fiction.

Who would NOT want to go to Eroticon? If ONLY, my friends. Any sponsors for me out there? 😉

Speaking of writing about sex, there is this lovely blog called Erotic Notebook. Just wonderful.

I don’t know much about Tumblr. But I do like this Wednesday Girl. Just for fun, dontchya know.

Eden Baylee on the life of an erotic writer.

“Jiggly Bits” on the “Only Penis that Turns Me…

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