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Lady Smut

The couple in my book, SAFFRON NIGHTS,  is exploring aphrodisiacs of the exotic variety. They are traveling the world in search of the real thing. Of course they find a whole lot more than the reported aphrodisiacs. But some of those in the book include saffron,  durian, which you can’t find everywhere, and that odd Stinkhorn mushroom only grown in Hawaii, along with truffles, ginseng, and so on.

I thought it might be fun to take a look at some of our every day food that has been reported to have aphrodisiac qualities. Some you might have thought about, but others might surprise you.

Chocolates. Yep, you’ve heard about chocolate. Most of us get this one. But science has proven that chocolate makes you feel good, so, of course, if you’re with someone that you’re attracted to, one pleasure might lead to another.

Honey. This one might surprise. We put…

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