Buy, Tweet, Win

LizEverly_SaffronNightsThe weekend is almost here! Yay! Nothing better than catching up on some sexy reads over the weekend, hey? That’s a good enough reason for me to offer you a great deal. If you haven’t purchased my e-book SAFFRON NIGHTS yet, now is your chance. If you purchase it any time between now and Monday (March 4) and TWEET about it. You are automatically entered to win a $10 Amazon gift card from me. The book is under $4 and you stand to win $10, which you can use to buy more sexy books! It’s easy-peasy for you. You know when you check out during the Amazon process it asks you if you want to Tweet about it. Just say yes. I will monitor your tweets, print them all out, and my daughter will choose a winner out of hat. (Highly scientific method.) During this time, each time you Tweet about Saffron Nights, you will get another entry. But first, ya have to buy it. Now, off you go. Buy, Tweet, Win. And Good luck!


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