Madeline Iva gives a big shout out to Saffron Nights with her post, “I’m a Little Gay for Nigella Lawson.” heh.Thanks, Madeline!

Lady Smut

Hey readers–have you watched this The-Voice-meets-Master-Chef show called The Taste? It’s over now, but you can catch all the episodes here.  The primary reason I watched was because I’m a huge fan of Nigella Lawson.  She is the perfect romance heroine, in my mind.  Really gorgeous, British, and she’s super into comfort food.

Her figure is whack.  Naturally slender arms and legs, total hourglass.  Very large breasted.  It’s a classic va-va-voom figure and it’s a figure that’s gotten larger, and shrunk again.  To me, she’s a very glamorous woman with a great body.  She even has crazy large ears she hides under all that hair.

I first went swooney over her cookbooks, and and of course, a million college guys sat drooling over her cooking show. While their eyes glazed over with lust, and they contemplated their sudden mother/older-woman fixation, Nigella would make some slathered and luscious yet…

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