A Lifetime of Lust and Longing on Lady Smut today!

Lady Smut

I’ve just finished reading a novel that I think you might enjoy—BEFORE I FORGET, A NOVEL OF LUST AND LONGING by Andre Brink. The author brilliantly weaves his main character’s erotic memories of all of his lovers, while giving the reader a glimpse into the struggles of South Africa. The way in which he describes sex and female body parts, in particular, is artful, respectful, and extraordinary.
I am touched by the poetic ways in which the character considers his lovers. At the beginning of the book, for example, there is this passage: “Each separate limb, as it touches or responds to touch, becomes a miracle beyond flesh and blood, illuminated by its own light, its own lambent fire, but without being consumed….Eye, mouth, ear, shoulder, elbow, hand, hip, back, each the opening line of a poem, casting a spell, lifting a veil. Toe , foot, ankle, knee. Thigh. I…

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