Balancing Two Genres

Wondering where I am?

Lady Smut

I woke up thinking about my hawt master-beekeeper in the third book of my romance series. You’d think this would be a good time to write about him. But in the mean time, I’ve gotten edits in on my mystery series so I have to set aside the romances. I love taking half the day to write mystery and the other half romance—the trouble is it rarely happens like this anymore.

I’m not the only genre writer who balances two names and two genres. Sometimes it feels like we walk a tightrope of deadlines and beginnings. We all develop tricks and efficiencies along the way. One thing that I’ve found is that when I get edits in, that work tends to be my priority. Otherwise it will just gnaw at me while I’m trying to write or edit anything else. So I just give in to it.

I usually take…

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