Does Butter Make it Better?

Photo by Tarale

I am not sure if butter makes it better and it’s really not considered an aphrodisiac. But like anything, it could be, given the right set of circumstances. Maeve, for example, loves a certain kind of butter. Here’s an excerpt from SAFFRON NIGHTS:

Her knife plunged into the butter and spread it on another piece of pastry. When she bit into it, she could feel her taste buds standing alert. It was the creamiest and sweetest butter she’d ever had. A slight touch of salt, perhaps? A giggle erupted.


She could not stop laughing. Such heaven in her mouth. It was a taste of happiness. Joy. Unbridled flavor.

“Good, huh?”

She stuck a serving spoon in the tub of butter. “Do you mind?” she said, after calming herself down. He was going to think she was a crazy American if she didn’t get a grip.

He shook his head—an amused smile spreading across his face.

She scooped the butter and tried to maintain her composure. What had gotten into her? She felt herself yielding to this butter. She licked it delicately, savoring each sweet dip, her tongue quivering with the anticipation, until she could not stand it any longer—she wrapped her mouth around the large spoon and filled her mouth with it and felt it melt, sliding into her throat. She swallowed it and looked at Giovanni.

“Man,” he said coming closer to her. “You ah reall-l-l-ly love that butter.”

He moved closer to her and the next thing she knew his mouth gently kissed hers, his tongue licking her lips, then going further into her mouth, deep kisses full of fire and promise.


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