Praising Men in Kilts

Men in Kilts!

Lady Smut

This weekend I attended Scottish Festival in Lexington, Va. Herding dogs gathered sheep on the grassy hillsides. The sun warmed the air,  but with a brisk wind from time to time kept it chilly. With the weather, and the mountains surrounding us, along with the bagpipes and Scottish music playing, you could almost swear you were in Scotland.

Lovely trinkets and crafts lined the festival grounds—chimes, hand carved wood boxes, and knives and swords.  I also enjoyed talking with some of the genealogists who were there. I found one of the names of my ancestors and learned that they were a Sept of the Donnachaida clan, which was huge and were mostly in the Highland area of central Scotland that I actually happen to be writing about right now. Kismet, my friends. My life is full of it.

I enjoyed all this, yes.

But mostly what I liked was this:

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