Is Beyonce a Feminist? Ask Her.

Is Beyonce a Feminist?

Lady Smut

By Liz Everly

Once someone said to me that I couldn’t be a feminist if I was a mother. Once. But I’ve noticed sneers and rolling eyes among some of my hardcore feminist friends from time to time about my mothering. It used to anger me. But now, I see it’s really not worth the energy I would expend in debating with them.

Nobody gets to tell me what or who I am.

And I daresay nobody gets to tell Beyonce who or what she is.


She is on the cover of Ms. Magazine this month, which has prompted this huge debate about if she has “feminist creds.” I ask you reader, just what the heck is “feminist creds” and who gets to come up with that list? A group of editors at Ms.?  A group of lawyers and PhDs at a think tank? How out of touch are these…

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