Erotic Romance at Book Expo America

My BEA Adventure.

Lady Smut

By Liz Everly

I’m just back from New York City. I was invited to attend a BEA party by Kensington, my publisher. So I took the opportunity to go and meet with my agent, editor, and as it turned out, much of the Kensington staff. The party was lovely and I met so many wonderful people that work at Kensington. At these parties everything is such a blur and it was not an event where you brought your business cards to hand out, so I’m not going to mention names, just say that everybody was wonderful.

So along with getting to know the folks at Kensington and e-Kensington, I attended the biggest book event in the US—Book Expo America, or BEA, as it’s commonly known. I zoomed in on some erotica and erotic romance publishers. I went to their booths, asked questions, and took some photos.IMG_2899

I stopped by the…

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