Writer Dudes: Hot or Not?

Writer Dudes: Hot or Not?

Lady Smut

by Liz Everly

I love writing as part of the Lady Smut blog because on days when I’m feeling less than inspired, all I need to do is look back through posts from the other writers. Today, it’s last week’s post written by Elizabeth Shore about rocker dudes. Which made me think about hot writer dudes—a bit more challenging.

Okay, so writers are a way different breed than rockers. We are not known for our dashing looks and hot bodies, sorry to say. But there is a certain innate sexiness that comes along with intelligence and creativity. In my own personal life, someone can be smoking hot physically, but the minute they open their mouth and reveal their stupidity or crassness, I am uninterested. And the exact opposite thing happens, as well.

I mean you have your Stephen Kings in this world. On the outside, he’s not very appealing. But…

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