In Praise of Sanj—Hot, Dark, and Sweet

In Praise of Sanj—Hot, Dark, and Sweet

Lady Smut

I’ve been thinking about my main character in my upcoming book CRAVINGS, which will be out on November 21. Remember Elizabeth’s post about Asian men? Also, there was CMK’s post “Add More Men,” which included a hot video of Indian men–the very last on the page. Well, I have a hot, sweet, sexy one for you in the character of Sanj.

We first see Sanj in SAFFRON NIGHTS, as the level-headed best friend of hotty-photographer Jackson as he and Maeve travel the globe in search of aphrodisiacs. He’s smart and geeky, with a lab in his mansion in the hills of Ramsha, a fictitious place in India. Yes India. While we’re at it, let’s think about India.Taj+Mahal2

Sanj gives Jackson much-needed advice about Maeve. We root for Sanj because he’s so nice and level headed. And he’s hot—did I mention that?

So in book number two CRAVINGS, he’s still…

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