The Sex and Romance of Place

The sex and romance of place

Lady Smut

By Liz Everly

So my next novel, CRAVINGS, which will be released on November 21 (less than ten days away!)  is set in Ecuador and Saint Lucia. (By the way, there is a Goodreads  giveaway of CRAVINGS, right now. Check it out here.)

Cravings (eBook)

I wrote a post about Ecuador last week. I also wrote a little about why I choose to set my romances exotic places, at times. For me, writing romance is often about fantasy, definitely wish fulfillment when it comes to traveling. There is also this: Placing your characters in a harrowing and or sexy situations in a far off land reveals a great deal about them. And it gives me opportunity  to fantasize about globetrotting.

When I was researching Saint Lucia, I found about chocolate-themed luxury resorts. The idea of these gems took hold of me and I simply won’t rest until I go to a chocolate-themed…

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