Add a Little Nipple to your Holiday Treats

Add a Little Nipple to Your Holiday Treats

Lady Smut

In SAFFRON NIGHTS, Maeve is served a delicious little dessert called Shanti’s Nipples. The woman serving them is Shanti herself, which gives Maeve a bit of a shock. But Shanti explains they are known as the Nipples of Venus to the rest of the world. These were featured in two movies—Amadeus and Chocolat. Aren’t they lovely? (and don’t you KNOW that my chocolate freak, Sasha, in CRAVINGS would love this little decadent treat!)

This is  a photo of the more traditional made with white chocolate.

YUM! Right?

Here ‘s a recipe I found from the Hungry Browser.

Full disclosure: I’ve not tried this recipe yet, but I will!

Capezzoli di Venere (Nipples of Venus) SALIERI Cappezzoli di Venere. Nipples of Venus. Roman chestnuts in brandied sugar. This is from an Italian cookbook and the author says: "These heavenly truffles are a little time-consuming but repay the effort. With fresh…

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