Readers: How Much Sex in Your Story?

How much sex is enough?

Lady Smut

By Liz Everly

Very few people in my real life know that I write sexy romances, labeled as “erotic romance.” But a few trusted souls know—one of whom told me she was shocked when she read SAFFRON NIGHTS and CRAVINGS because the books have a lot of story in them. She expected more sex, less story. Hmmm. Look at my covers…is that what they say to a potential reader? No story, lots of sex?

SaffronCravings (eBook)Like Honey (eBook)

As a writer, I’d have to say I’d get bored quickly if all I wrote was sex scene after sex scene with not much story. I mean, there IS a place for that—just not for me. And as a reader, I usually don’t read the ten-page sex scenes. (Okay, maybe the first few, but then…I just skim.)

It’s very hard on writers of genre fiction these days to accurately label ourselves. First, I think it’s in…

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