Movies, Love, and Eight Lays Around the World

Movies, Live, and Eight Lays Around the World

Lady Smut

By Liz Everly

Last week, I caught about the second  half of  “The End of the Affair” with one of my favorite actresses Julianne Moore and hunk Ralph Fiennes We were flipping the channels around, and there they were. One of my favorite sexy, sensual scenes in the movie consisted of this very luscious, silky looking blanket or bedspread–you know what they are doing beneath it, but you don’t see them, just waves and ripples of the blanket. It’s a fabulous, sexy, scene. But I digress.


What I really wanted to say about what I know of this film is that we have a husband and a wife who are not that into each other. Sad. But she has this incredibly passionate affair with the Ralph Fiennes character. Her husband figures this out and appears not to really mind. Or if he does, it’s because of propriety–not really his heart…

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