Love on a Spoon: Yum

Love on a Spoon–YUM!

Lady Smut

By  Liz Everly

In C. Margery Kempe’s latest book of short stories, the title story “Love on  Spoon,” is one I remember reading years ago in another collection. I think about it every time I see Nutella. After all, you know what a food-inspired bit of a freak I am. Smirk. But, the food-play is only part of what I liked it so much. Though just that aspect of it is well worth the read.

But first, if you haven’t seen this book, take a gander at the cover. What an amazing, enviable cover.

Love On A Spoon by CM Kempe - 500

The story plays with one of the tropes I love in romance literature—and in life. It’s happened a few times in my own. It’s the magic, exciting moment when an old friend or a colleague suddenly inspires “very” friendly thoughts and you are floored and probably confused and trying to make a decision quickly a number…

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