Brenna Bang’s Immortal Longings

Lady Smut’s Book of Dark Desires

Lady Smut

By Liz Everly

Ddracula-dracula-nbc-35379370-4800-2700If you’ve been following Lady Smut, you might remember my love-hate relationship with vampires. (You can read my past posts here and here.) In my heart, I adore them. But I think they’ve been overdone the past few years and so I’ve tried to stay away from writing a vampire story. But I gave in and wrote one for Lady Smut’s upcoming anthology: Lady Smut’s Book of Dark Desires, to be published by Harper Impulse.

It was a story that beckoned—you know the kind that gnaws at you until you let it come to life. It’s a slightly tongue and cheek take on the vampire-romance genre—the female lead is a famous author who has penned a highly success vampire series. In “Brenna Bang’s Immortal Longings” we get a glimpse into the writer’s life, as she types up her next erotic romance at the computer keyboard. I…

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