Five Things I’m Obsessing over:

Five things I’m Obsessing over

Lady Smut

By Liz Everly

Here’s some of the things keeping my monkey-mind occupied these days.


  1. Darynda Jones’s series. I had heard about this series awhile ago and recently read the first book, “First Grave from the Right,” and LOVED it. It’s definitely a genre-bending series, which I like a lot. The main character is a grim reaper and a private investigator. The dead come to her to “cross over,” but sometimes she needs to figure our who killed them before they can cross. What I liked about the first book is that the mystery-crime aspect to it was complex enough to keep my interest. But, surprise, surprise! It was also HAWT read. There is a creature that she has known in her past and that comes to her in dreams and more…I’m not going to say what he is or it would give too much away. But the romantic scenes sizzle…

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