Spicy and Sweet Southern Nights

Spicy and Sweet Southern Nights

Lady Smut

By Liz Everly

In celebrating Elizabeth Shore’s newest release Hot Bayou Nights, so far, my fellow Lady Smut bloggers have extolled the sexy virtues of Southern accents and country and modern bluegrass music. I’m here to tell you that for me one of the best parts of the south is its cuisine. Whether you are talking about low country grits or barbecue from the Carolinas, the regional plethora of delicious dining is amazing.

So my challenge is then to focus this blog post. FOCUS. Okay, I’ve gotten down to the basics. Not just food that might inspires a sexy and sultry Southern night, but the spices herbs that go into the foods. Of course these spices have reported aphrodisiac qualities. (You knew that was coming, right?)


Photo by Elisabetta. Photo by Elisabetta.

You’ll find saffron in many Southern rice dishes . Mostly Creole. Saffron has a special substance with a structure very…

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