Game of Thrones HAWTness

Game of Thrones HAWTness

Lady Smut

By Liz Everly

You know by now that I’m not a regular TV watcher (shh, don’t tell Kiersten, our TV expert at Lady Smut). But this summer I’ve become a bit of a binge TV series watcher. And as I understand it, this is how many people are watching TV these days. I’ve finally gotten into the Game of Thrones, which of course is on a a cable channel I don’t subscribe to, so I am watching the series on DVD from the library. I’ve watched two seasons, so far. (Yes, I use the library; I’m there maybe two or three times a week.) And I just have to say WOW. I love this series. It’s a little violent for my taste at times—but the violence is necessary to the story.

But I’m not going to bend your ear about the violence. I’m here to talk about the men. I’m…

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