Sex Toys—What and How a Woman Wants them

Sex Toys—How and What a Woman Wants

Lady Smut

By Liz Everly

A friend of mine turned me on to “Frisky Business.”  Have you seen it? It’s a LifetimeUK show (or in my case a Netflix show) that is basically a reality show about “Love Honey,” one of the world’s largest purveyors of sex toys. Yes, that’s right. And the show is a fascinating glimpse into the sex toy business.

First a bit of history. A few years ago, these two men decided to start this internet-based business up in Bath, England. The idea behind the company was that while there were a lot of sex toys available, they were mostly packaged in a very porn-ish way and very unattractive to most women. How, these two men wondered, could they make sex toys more appealing to women?


The answer was packaging. Their products are lovely to look at—very appealing to women, who might not care for the proverbial woman spread-eagle-across-the-vibrator…

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