More “Early American” Romances, PLEASE!

More “Early American” Romances, PLEASE!

Lady Smut

By Liz Everly

Exciting book-things are happening for me. I mentioned that my historical romance novel TEMPTING WILL McGLASHEN is getting published by Tirgearr Publishing. Well, I actually have a pub date: October 14! YES! It’s happening very quickly—and I am so down with that. Most of the traditional publishing world is a slow and steady crawl—and there are some good reasons for that. But what a nice relief to be clipped along at a nice brisk pace for a change.

The publisher and I have been working on finding cover images—because well, it’s just not easy to find good early American “romance” stock photos— at least not in the time period and the social economic status of my characters, who are farmers, blacksmiths, and innkeepers. No satin or silk for them. I’ve come to realize that probably the cover will not be completely historically accurate, but the publisher…

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