Tempting Will McGlashen–Cover Reveal, Plus A Tasty Excerpt

Tempting Will McGlashen—Cover Reveal, Plus a Tasty Excerpt

Lady Smut

By Liz Everly

So if you’ve been following Lady Smut—and so many of you are for which we are very, very grateful, you’ll remember my posts about my historical romance, “Tempting Will McGlashen.”  If you don’t remember them, click here. I’m thrilled that Tirgearr Publishing will be releasing this book on October 14. And here is the cover:

Tempting Will McGlashen by Liz Everly - 500

I simply adore it.

But in looking at it and all of my other covers, it occurred to me that it’s very different for the Liz Everly “brand,” isn’t it?

All of the publishing and author experts out there might say this will confuse my readers and therefore it’s unwise to publish a historical. All of my other books are sassy, sleek, and contemporary.

I call bullshit on that attitude. Readers are a smart bunch. My sense is that a lot my readers are like me and read all across the genres and…

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