Rogues, Romps & Revolutionaries!

Rogues, Romps, and Revolutionaries

Lady Smut

By Madeline Iva

delectable 18th century fashion delectable 18th century fashion

I heart the messy frosted wedding cake fashions of the last quarter of the 18th century. It’s not just period in time, but a spirit of change — the dawn of Romanticism, the era of enlightenment and chaos combined.

Perfect for kicking off while you're on a swing. Perfect for kicking off while you’re on a swing.

What a great time – what glorious panache the people had.  A great big mix of good, bad, saint & sinners, cosmopolitian intellectuals and nature loving stewards of the land.  Humanity was just about to raise her skirts and take a big step out of the muddle puddle of misery we’d been languishing in since the dark ages.498EL MONTE-  71.

There was a stiff side to things, to be sure, but also what I call a Wild Child Enlightenment.Fop me Wild child enlightenment

Modern science was embryonic, Mary Shelley was having nightmares of monsters. Western culture began chugging along on steam while great…

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