The Sexy Vibe of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

The Sexy Vibe of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Lady Smut

By Liz Everly

Have any of you watched the Australian-based series. “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries” ? Its second season is now available on Netflix and I’m assuming elsewhere.


The basic premise of the series surrounded Phryne Fisher, a playful, unmarried, gorgeous, Jazz-age “lady detective.” Phryne was apart of all-women ambulance brigade in France during the last year of The Great War, and is decorated for courage. With all her relatives killed during war, Phryne is rich but remains beholden to her past. Because of her war experiences, she has a zest of life and love. Along with investigating murders, she sleeps around. A lot. Interesting to note that the only real critcisms of her sexy adventures have comes from conservatives in the U.S.—even though there’s no sex scenes just some very sexy before and after scenes. (I wonder if those folks watch James Bond????)

One of my favorite day-after-sex scenes is when she…

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