Celebrating with a Colonial Wedding Cake!

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In the mean time, I thought I’d shared a recipe from the book. Wedding cakes were very different in 1765. Those of you who have read the book know that each chapter starts with a quote. The chapters from Will’s point of view starts with quotes from “Poor Richard’s Almanac,” and the chapters from Mathilde’s point of view starts with quotes from the Virginia Housewife, which is a fount of fabulous food history.

Here is a cake recipe from that book that could have been used for a wedding cake, as this is exactly the kind of cake that often was used:

A RICH FRUIT CAKE, from The Virginia Housewife by Mary Randolph

HAVE the following articles prepared, before you begin the cake: four pounds of flour dried and sifted, four pounds of butter washed to free it from salt, two pounds of loaf sugar pounded, a quarter of a pound of mace, the same of nutmegs powdered; wash four pounds of currants clean, pick and dry them; blanch one pound of sweet almonds, and cut them in very thin slices; stone two pounds of raisins, cut them in two, and strew a little flour over to prevent their sticking together, and two pounds of citron sliced thin; break thirty eggs, separating the yelks and whites; work the butter to a cream with your hand-put in alternately, flour, sugar, and the froth from both whites and yelks, which must be beaten separately, and only the froth put in. When all are mixed and the cake looks very light, add the spice, with half a pint of brandy, the currants and almonds; butter the mould well, pour in part of the cake, strew over it some raisins and citron—do this until all is in: set it in a well heated oven: when it has risen, and the top is coloured, cover it with paper; it will require three hours baking—it must be iced.”

If you like fruit cakes, I’m sure this one is a good one!

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