In Praise of Sexy Bald Men

Published first on Lady Smut, where I blog once a week.

I think that men have always thought women preferred men with hair. Hence, all the ads on tv geared for balding men to try the latest great grow-your-hair product. But I don’t think women care. On the one hand, lack of hair has nothing to do with the sexiness of a man. On the other hand, a bad wig or comb-over where the guy is attempting to hide a bald spot is…well…icky. Women want men who are confident enough to just be who they are. (I think, perhaps, men of substance would say the same about women.)

I can think of several very sexy bald

One of my all time favorite actors is Patrick Stewart, who played Captain Jon Luc Pickard in Star Trek. Oh my. The man just oozes sexiness. I also saw him as Othello in person and the man has as much talent as sex appeal.

Speaking of sexy bald Star Trek men, there is Avery Brooks, as Benjamen Sisko on Star

th-5Telly Savalas, now gone, unfortunately. But him as Kojak? C’mon. He had swag and sex galore. Him and his lollipop. Remember that? Yum.

Yul Brynner in the “King and I” makes my heart pound every time I see the movie. For me, one of the attractive things about Yul, particularly in this movie is the way he

And then of course there is Sean Connery: a bald Scottish man. Double sexy points!th-1

When I brought up the topic of sexy men, fellow Lady Smut blogger Elizabeth mentioned Ralph Feinnes, who appears  to be newly bald. th-4

Now, that’s a man who is sexy no matter what.

What about you? Who are some of your favorite bald guys?

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