Eight Lays Around the World Serial

My Eight Lays Around the World serial follows the intrepid Gigi around the globe. for now, it’s only available on Amazon.

When Gigi is caught at a sex club by her millionaire publishing boss, instead of getting fired, she gets invited to his penthouse office. He makes her an offer she can’t refuse–and a whole lot more. He is in touch with a wealthy benefactor whose sexual proclivities lead him to seek a young woman who will write about her sexual adventures for him–a private, naughty travelogue. Can she do it?

Gigi, a young adventurous writer, knows that she can do as he bids, for the most part. She follows the clues to her next sexy trip. She writes about her experiences. But the one thing she must NOT do is to sleep with the delicious Marko—until she is finished with her assignments. This is the hardest part. Her attraction to him is raw and magnetic—but she finds other attractions along the way…


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