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Saffron Nights
“Very hot. I definitely learned some things about food I didn’t know!” Readaholic’s Reviews.
“Saffron Nights is a heated culinary tale that starts a promising series.” Reviews by Molly.
“And after reading (Saffron Nights), you may never think of exotic foods in the same way again.” Joan Chandler.

Selected as a recommended read by Harlie of Harlie’s Books

This is my review so pay close attention…BUY THIS BOOK!!!  You will thank me later.  One of my top three books of the year, if not in the last two years.  Yes, its that’s good.  That is all…

Scared you, didn’t I?  You really thought that was my review?  Then y’all haven’t been reading my reviews.  This book was perfect and I’m so not a foodie.  The foodie in my house is my husband.  He’s the chef, I just buy the groceries for him.  This book made me hungry, aroused and a bit jealous of all the places that Maeve and Jackson went to.  Of course, I could do without the shootings, druggings, kidnapping and people wanting me dead part.

Oh yes, there is a murder mystery expertly woven into the plot and its a doozy!  I never saw the villain coming and when it was revealed, I was shocked.  Wow, way to keep the suspense and mystery going Ms. Everly.  I also liked the “why” of the mystery/suspense.  It was interesting when they figured it out but the who came much later.  Of course, I have read a snippet of the next book that focuses on a key secondary character and I’m very pleased with this.  Plus you will find that the “research” in the book about food and spices interesting to say the least.  Even hubs didn’t know some of what Ms. Everly wrote about.  I even learned a couple of things, too.

Unfortunately, I have to wait until November, 2013.  I can’t wait that long Ms. Everly and Kensington.  :)   Can it release early?  I’m so hooked on Liz’s writing.  Her writing flows, her characters are layered and rich and her settings?  Oh my…I really want to go to India now.  Her secondary characters are some of the best that I’ve ever read.  They are so NOT window dressing but integral to the plot and to the development of Jackson and Maeve.  The excerpt above does not do the book justice.  The dialogue between our hero and heroine is hilarious, poignant and smart.  I watched them fall in love and it was beautiful.

I could go on and on about Saffron Nights but then I would spoil it for you and Harlie doesn’t do spoilers.  Just go buy the book today.   Again, you’re welcome.


Saffron Nights is full of intrigue and suspense. Jackson and Maeve were the two main characters. They traveled the world to fulfill their contracts to publish a cookbook specifically written about aphrodisiacs. Prior to their journey they learn that another partner is dead and possibly killed. They proceed with their mission and take the reader along a jaunt filled with twists and turns, peaks and valleys. I loved the conflict between the Maeve and Jackson. It wasn’t your typical I have eyes only for you and will touch no one else but you. This book allows the reader to see the multifaceted nature of the conflict of giving up one’s previous life to be with a person that you love. That was one of the most enjoyable aspects of the book.

The characters are lovable and easily draw you into the story. I gasped when the characters were attacked and attempted to help them solve the mysteries. I let go of a sign of relief when they were saved. Saffron Nights is a wild ride that you will definitely enjoy taking.

Reviewed by Michelle for Cocktails and Book


“Aside from the overt sensuality of their aphrodisiac food research and the moments of sexually charged tension between Jackson and Maeve, the storyline of Saffron Nights is complex and richly written.  The characters are extremely complicated, introverts that live in their heads much of the time, at times frustrating for their sheer inability to communicate their needs, concerns and fears. The mystery involving the murder of Chef woven into the story which reads like part travelogue, part food history, part romance, teases the reader with dark delight.  As the characters globe trot in search for spices and ingredients that titillate the palate and passions those who indulge, Saffron Nights commands constant attention lest the reader miss one of the tantalizing details.

Highly enjoyable, definitely more erotic than your average cookbook, Saffron Nights rates a decadent FOUR Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries!”

— Jenn at Guilty Indulgence Book blog

“I am definitely waiting for the next book by Liz Everly. I was astonished to read the opening chapter of “Cravings” to see the author has brought back a surprising character from Saffron Nights.  —Allison at Romancing the Book book blog


“A sensual tale with a bit of mystery, Cravings is packed with heat.” —Marina Adair, Best Selling romance author

“Cravings is an intricately crafted confection of food, sex and intrigue.  So delicately balanced, it is hard to describe as one specific genre – it is certainly romantic suspense but with erotic content and fascinating tidbits of culinary fact and history.  I think it’s safe to call it a genuinely excellent read, however.” Jenn at Guilty Indulgence Book blog

Tempting Will McGlashen

***  Not only was TEMPTING WILL McGLASHEN a very good story, but the mouth watering meals Mathilde was cooking had my saliva glands working overtime.  Which is not to say that this was any kind of cookbook but in my opinion it had a little bit of everything in it, making it a a very tempting morsel of literature.   First and foremost I love history, any type and the early days of the Virginia frontier and early America to me are fascinating.  Combining this with a sweet and lovely romance coupled with food served during those early days just made it ever so much more appealing.

To me, Mathilde herself was a bit ahead of her time.   She knew she wouldn’t be content to go and be a farmers wife.  Mathilde loved cooking, working in her parents inn, or as it was referred to in the day, her parent’s ordinary, and meeting all the people passing through.  For her parents sake Mathilde tried to recapture some of the love and friendship she once had for Joshua, but over the years, they had both changed.   Couple that with Mathilde’s feeling towards Will McGlashen who was now prominently in the picture, she knew where her heart truly led.

Very well written, author Liz Everly did a wonderful job of creating a great romance with plenty of issues that needed to be resolved concerning Will’s mysterious background, including a surprise twist that could make the relationship Mathilde and Will were building go careening off track.   But then I don’t reveal spoilers.   Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of TEMPTING WILL MCGLASHEN and I am sure you won’t be disappointed.    Very highly recommended.

Marilyn Rondeau, for

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