Exotic, Erotic Ecuador

Exotic, Erotic Ecuador

Lady Smut

By Liz Everly

I often set my books in exotic locations and I love the research that goes with it. I’ve learned so much about cultures, food, and so on. It’s a great vehicle for showing who my characters are, as well. Sometimes in a new culture my characters are often thrown off-balance, as they try to navigate through legal systems or hospitals and so on. They also sometimes have that sense of freedom that we all enjoy when we travel.  We might, just might, have sex with that stranger in the Amazon, whereas on our home turf it could be harder to let go of our inhibitions.

One of the settings in my newest book, CRAVINGS, is Ecuador. Both of my characters are well-traveled. Sanj is a wealthy globe-trotting Indian man. And Sasha is an ex-sexworker whose clients included some of the wealthiest men in the world. They…

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